Appraisal Services Quick Turn Around Time
5 steps to faster turn times

If you worked with appraisers ten years
ago, you know how much technology has
changed since then. What you might not
realize is that there have been many
developments in technology and e-
commerce that have improved turnaround
times on appraisal assignments. We're
taking advantage of them. Are you taking
advantage of every opportunity you have to
speed up the process? Here are some

Are you ordering appraisals online? With
online ordering, you get automatic e-mail
acknowledgements that the assignment
was received, and fast, secure .PDF format
report delivery. It's the single biggest time
saver available to both of us! We don't have
to retype information from a fax, and you
don't have to wonder whether we received
the order.

Are you providing complete and accurate
information about the subject property?
There's nothing like being one number off
on the street address to add unnecessary
time to an appraisal assignment. And if you
have a tax parcel number, plat map
number, subdivision name or anything else
that uniquely identifies the property, please
pass it along. We even welcome lists of
recent sales in the area — though be
advised that professional appraisers must
always do their own due diligence on
comparable sales, and ours might differ
from yours.

Are you letting us know up front any details
about the property that might make it
unique? Cookie-cutter homes are relatively
easy to appraise. What takes time is
analyzing how unique features contribute to
or detract from what otherwise would be a
property's market value. Let us know up
front when you order your report if there
are unique features of the home or
surrounding area — for example, it's had a
recent addition put on, it's subject to zoning
restrictions, it's prone to flooding. These
are things we'll find out on our own anyway,
and knowing them as soon as possible
makes your report arrive more quickly.

Are you making the occupants of the home
aware of what to expect? One of the most
time consuming parts of the appraisal
process is setting an appointment with the
occupants of the home. Some homeowners
are understandably uncomfortable with the
fact a stranger wants to come in their
house and look around and make notes.
Some think they have to make the place
spotless before the appraiser comes by,
thinking that will make the house appraise
higher. So they put off the appointment until
they can get around to cleaning.

Hearing from you — someone they've been
working with on their loan — a little bit
about the appraisal process, who we are,
and especially that dusting and polishing
won't make it more likely their sale will
close, can go a long way toward trimming
the time it takes to inspect a home. Please
feel free to point them to this website,
where we have many pages of information
for homeowners as well as others about
the appraisal process. Encourage them to
call us if they want to familiarize
themselves with our staff and services.
And tell them it's in their interest to set the
appointment as quickly as possible!

Are you using our website as a resource to
keep track of your report's status? Phone
and fax tag are a thing of the past with up to
the minute status updates available online,
anytime, 24/7. As each important milestone
in an assignment is completed, that
information is available to you online. It's
never been easier and faster to keep track
of your report's status.